Located in Punjab, Unit 2 has crushing capacity of 10,000 tons/day on Sugar Cane & 5,500 tons/day on Sugar Beet.
Unit 2 is also equipped with automated milling tandem including the state of the art “Mill Max” (based on French design).
An important feature of the operations is the installation of the latest “Eaton Filters” that facilitate in additional filtration so that the sugar produced matches the International Standards of quality in terms of ICUMSA and the required levels of turbidity.
Additionally, Pan Automation has also helped Almoiz in achieving the efficiency targets.

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The state-of-the-art Refine Centrifugal machines are imported from Japan and China. The sugar hoppers, dryers, graders and elevators are designed with such materials to prevent any contamination due to the presence of the ferrous material. High intensity magnets are also installed to catch the ferrous material.
For consistency in quality and efficient operations, the plant is monitored and controlled by Distribution Control Systems (DCS). Most of the variables of the plant are managed and controlled from the Central Control Room (CCR). Automation has been introduced in almost all the areas of the plant.

Without any doubt, it can be stated that Unit 2 is currently one of the most energy efficient plants operating in the country. The plant is able to get an excellent steam percent cane and lower its internal energy needs. Planetary gears are installed at the milling tandem instead of the conventional steam turbine/ High Speed and Low speed gearing arrangements that ensure power savings at the same time.
At Almoiz Industries Quality is ensued not at the final product level but safeguarded at all stages during process and even in purchase of raw material through constantly monitoring, assessing and adapting our process, material and ingredients to confirm that all sugar products being manufactured are free from any biological, physical or chemical hazards.


At Almoiz Industries, soon after the production of sugar and before its dispatch to final packing unit, inspection & quality analysis of finished product is used to make sure the ‘in process’ controls are in effect. Testing of each batch samples is done and all major tests including ICUMSA, Turbidity, foreign particles, bacteria etc. measurement is usually practised through Almoiz highly equipped state of the art laboratory under the supervision of highly skilled staff to ensure quality at each stage. Any product that is found not matching the degree of precision for specific grades is subject to either graded in another category approved for that specification or recycled. After identifying the quality control and graded sugar in relevant classifications of finished product, it goes to packing/bagging section with relevant marking, print and packaging quality for storage.

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