Overview of Crops growers, Acreage and Varieties
We are managing over 230,000 acres with the help over 30,000 farmers. Our prime focus is to propagate high yielding and high sucrose varieties through our research & development department.


In order to enhance productivity, efficiency and profitability of sugarcane farms we are investing in Agri Mechanization which includes machines from land preparation to harvest including trash collection and management.


Autumn & Spring Plantation And Seed Nursery
We are developing nurseries to ensure availability of healthy seed cane for both Autumn and Spring Plantation.
We also have facilities for hot water treatment.


Bio Pest Control And Other Measure for Crop up keep
Plant protection is pivot for healthy crop. To achieve this, we are working on both biological and chemical solutions for the best integrated pest and disease management (IPDM). In this context we have our own biological lab and technical collaboration with well reputed agro- chemical companies.


We provide customized crop nutrition plan to our farmers based on soil analysis. We consider efficient utilization of both Micro and Macro nutrient to harvest profitable crop yield and sugar recovery.


Water is becoming a scarce natural resource with every passing day. Therefore, to make sure the judicious use of water Almoiz Industries is playing its part to create awareness among the farmers. In this regard we arrange seminars where farmers are being educated on high efficiency irrigation systems.
To make use of renewable energy and reduce farmer expense for irrigation we are also facilitating our farmers by giving interest free loans for installation of Solar tube wells. This initiative also had a positive impact on environment.


In order to reduce cut to crush time and reduce post-harvest losses of farmer and mill (yield and recovery loss) we facilitate our farmers by lending them mechanized harvester along with tipper bins and dedicated transport for transportation of cane from field to the mill. to achieve the required efficiency level and make this process lot cost effective.
We also facilitate farmers by installing cane purchasing centers at different locations around the mill. In addition to above services of transportation contractors are also hired for lifting of cane directly from the farmer’s field.


We provide precision agriculture tools which is a cornerstone of modern farming. It’s a delicate balancing act that requires speed, care, and precision. We facilitate our farmers by providing spraying drones through these we apply right chemicals in the right quantity in the right locations and at the right time for boosting the productivity of farms.