Almoiz has keen interest in the Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection, Energy Efficiency and wellbeing of the people by generating cost effective power Generation. We are not only self-sufficient in our internal power requirements to run our mills rather we export Power to the National Grid through Highly Efficient and state of the art Bagasse Based Power Plants.


The Bagasse produced after extraction of juice through the milling of Cane is utilized as a Green fuel to Generate High Pressure Steam through state-of-the-art Boilers, which is ample to produce power to fulfill the in-house requirement as well as to Export Power into the National Grid.

We have Total Power Generation Capability of 76 MW in both of the Sugar Plants with over 30 MW Power Export Capacity. Power Plants operate in the Cane Season as well as in 3-4 months after the Season to Export Power, thanks to the highly efficient Sugar Plant which saves a big quantity of bagasse to run the Power Plants in the off season to Export Power to the National Grid.