Farmer Support

We extend mark-up free loan facilities to about 2000 growers of sugar cane and sugar beet in the shape of kind, i.e., Seed, fertilizer, pesticides, weedicides which are recoverable on harvest of the said crop.
To encourage adoption of improved mechanized sowing and harvesting techniques facility of farm machinery like, riggers, laser land levelers, planters, harvesters is provided on rental basis.


We have also initiated Easy term financial assistance for installation of solar energy tube wells in the area of Almoiz-2, Mianwali which has got exceptional appreciation. Transformation from conventional and costly irrigation system has reduced the cost of production which has simultaneous effect on profit margin. These solar energized tube wells are noise free and are environment friendly as they do not generate any pollution like smoke etc.

Year 2019 holds special significance for Almoiz as we materialized the vision of providing Digital Farm Advisory to our growers. Our team of 100+ Agri Staff provides weekly farm advisory service more than 3,000 growers through digital smart phone mobile application ‘Agri Connect’. Every week farmers are paid regular visits at their farms, their fields inspected and right crop solutions recommended to them with the help of this technology. After the digital inclusion in our services, our teams are more structured in their approach and aligned as per grower needs. Moreover, we get real time updates on crop problems, pest spectrum, farmer feedback, and various field activities such as field days and farmer meetings.


Farmer Literacy program has been launched at AMIL I & II. The project is joint venture of Almoiz Industries limited and Ali Institute of Education. Purpose of the project is to educate sugarcane farmers and develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills. Almoiz Industries Limited has always come infront to serve the nation in various sectors of societies and uplift the underprivileged people. This project also depicts the good intentions of CSR activities of Almoiz Group of Companies.