Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) means choosing to put people and the planet first by operating in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.It can take many different forms — from eco-friendly office practices to charitable voluntary giving. CSR is about giving back and helping find solutions to everyday issues – locally, nationally and globally.
CSR boosts employee morale and loyalty towards the organization. In recent years, it has become important for employees to have not just standard benefits, such as a good salary and health benefits, but also welfare-oriented activities such as comfortable accommodation, nearby schooling for their children, transportation facility, club, sports and recreational facilities. He expects knowledge and career building opportunities as well. Same principle is kept in mind and strictly adhered to at Almoiz Group of companies where all such facilities are provided to its staff and employees in all its plant areas.
Almoiz group has conceived a multifaceted long-term CSR plan spread over three years to provide state of the art housing, transportation, education, health, environment protection and welfare-oriented facilities to its staff, workers and the community at large. This would include construction of schools, basic health units/ trauma centres with round the clock doctors and nurses supported by ambulances in each of its plants, transportation facilities for its staff, workers and their families, housing facilities in each of its units with sports and recreational facilities.


During COVID-19, Almoiz distributed food ration bags with total value of Rs. 47.5 million to more than 24,000 deserving families residing in the vicinity of our five production plants. The distribution process still continues by Almoiz1 and Almoiz2 and 500 packets by two mills worth million each are distributed every month for the poor and the needy in the vicinity of the mills in sugar producing areas.


The list is long of various efforts to promote education in the backward areas of districts of our operations. Almoiz since long runs its own middle level school for its staff and workers children at DI Khan mill and similar schools are planned for remaining four mills. Negotiations are currently under progress to handover the management of the DIK school to renowned educational organization. The Citizen Foundation (TCF).
The Group and Ali Institute of Education, Lahore, had signed an MOU for skill learning and raising standard of education of both teachers and students of 35 private schools in remote areas of DI Khan in phase1.

Its scope and jurisdiction has further been expanded to 25 schools of D.I Khan and 25 schools of Piplan and government schools have also been added in sugar producing areas in phase2. A fresh MOU has been signed on 15th February 2021 and Ali Institute Training Program Budget has been approved for Rs. 6 million for 2020-
Currently the provisions of MOU are been implemented in both districts. Almoiz and Thal Industries collaboration with LUMS institute, Lahore, is spread over years with a glowing track record in the human resource development as well through financial support to brilliant students who cannot afford quality education, which includes grant of annual 4 scholarships at LUMs apart from sponsoring Engineering laboratory at NUMAL University.

Health Sector

In health sector, the company is among one of the oldest regular donors of Shaukat Khanum Hospital spanning over 30 years. Similarly, Agha Khan Hospital Karachi is a beneficiary of Almoiz in terms of heart surgeries of children with CHD. The company is a key sponsor of Bakhtawar Memorial Hospital Multan for the treatment of the needy.
In some new initiatives, Almoiz Industries has provided state of the art Hyundai 2600cc Ambulance to Almoiz1 DI Khan on 13.03.2021 for facilitating transportation of staff and their families for treatment. This facility can also be used by our sugar cane growers.
Similarly, construction of a Basic Health Unit at D.I Khan (phase1) has commenced recently spread over an area of 33 kanals. The project cost is Rs. 13.3m. BHU construction would take place in two phases. It would provide medical facilities to not only the staff of Almoiz1 but also to common man and sugar cane growers of the area.
The group has initiated a project for the provision of Snake Bite Vaccine for the sugar cane growers. Snake bite vaccine worth Rs.05 lacs @ Rs.01 lac per mill for the growers and farmers has been provided to meet any emergency.

Housing sector

Both at Almoiz and Thal industries, efforts have been made to provide comfortable housing facilities to staff and their families. Residential facilities at Almoiz1, Layyah and Okara are homely and secure. New apartments buildings has been planned at Almoiz1. Construction of first apartment building project started. Similarly, staff houses project at Almoiz2 Piplan has been planned and started.


Group provides immense importance to environmental protection measures and each mill makes efforts that both smoke and polluted waste water are treated before transmitting outside into environment.
In addition, in the last three years, Monsoon Plantation programme is launched by all millls and as many as 76767 trees at the total Cost of Rs.312315 were planted.

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