Environment    Sustainability

Recognizing the significance of sustainability, Almoiz’s focus is to offset greenhouse gases and keep its carbon and environmental footprint to a minimum. Almoiz Industries is registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the KYOTO protocol for Certified Emission Reduction Credits (CERS). We are continuously improving our practices to help reduce our carbon footprint and establish Almoiz as an environmentally conscious entity.

With a firm belief in recycling, we feel it imperative that nature be sent back what it gives us. We employ the concept reduce, reuse and recycle, as per the sustainable economic policy of the government of Pakistan.

Farmer Support    Sustainability

Almoiz Industries Limited has initiated various awareness programs for farmers on sowing, harvesting and different varieties of seeds along with the provision of technical assistance, led by foreign experts. Almoiz also offers farmers with development loans, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to assist them in the growth of the crops.

Almoiz also has certain reward programs: it provides awards and annual recognitions to dedicated growers and farmers to help them stay motivated throughout the production process while helping them maintain a proactive approach to growing and farming.

We also ensure that the farmers receive all their payments within time and that they are equipped with support to resolve any issues they might face regarding crop growth.

Education    Sustainability

Realizing the importance of education in the progress of our nation, Almoiz Industries Limited has opened an in-house English medium school to facilitate the academic requirements of children of the community. Education is provided at nominal rates and qualified teachers are hired to instruct the students. Our schools also follow the Oxford University syllabus.

To ensure that our employees are provided with the best working experience, we deploy them for various courses at the Institute for Career and Personal Development (ICPD). This helps them improve their core skills, which is not only beneficial to the quality of their work but is also vital to their growth.

Health and Well being    Sustainability

Health and well-being of our employees are given top priority at Almoiz Industries Limited. Our mill is designed such that it does not pose a threat to the health of the workers. We offer safe practices and a safe working environment for all of our employees. Our residential colonies have playgrounds to facilitate sporting activities to help build a physically and mentally strong family. A clinic facility is also available for our employees.

Community    Sustainability

Almoiz Industries Limited is playing its part of being a responsible member of the community through numerous ways. It is providing job opportunities for people with the necessary skills. Education has been made available for the children of the workers along with the residents of the area, there having been no concept of schooling earlier. Furthermore, electricity has also been made accessible for the residents near the mill through Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO).