Introduction Sugar Beet Story

Sugar beet is an alternative source of sugar production. Producing sugar beet results in high recovery and more yield as compared to sugar cane. The beet root contains a high concentration of sucrose. Sugar beet grows exclusively in the temperate zone, in contrast to sugarcane, which grows exclusively in the tropical and subtropical zones. The sugar beet, like sugarcane, needs peculiar soil and a unique climate for its successful cultivation. The most important requirement is that the soil must contain a large supply of plant food, be rich in humus, and have the property of retaining a great deal of moisture. The ground should be fairly level and well-drained, especially where irrigation is practiced.

Beet Development Sugar Beet Story

Sugar Beet Story

Almoiz Industries makes a huge annual investment for sugar beet research and development activities. Our research and development activities are conducted at Bhakkar, Sargodha, Layyah and D.I. Khan as all four of these areas have different soils and climatic conditions. For the last two years, we have been organizing extensive soil testing to identify the preferred fields that have loamy and sandy loam soils for beet plantation. Every year, Almoiz provides seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc. to all the farmers on interest-free loan basis to promote beet development in the country.

Our sugar beet farmers are provided with quality seed which is imported from Germany. We promote balanced fertilization, therefore recommend only NPK fertilizer for the beet crop. Almoiz provides guidance to the farmers with the help of its technical partner KWS at every step of sugar beet crop development which includes frequent visitation by foreign experts.

Farm Mechanization Sugar Beet Story

We are applying new methods and techniques to sugar beet farming such as ridge and semi ridge sowing with pneumatic planters. We are also adopting flat sowing plantation with the help of planters. We are also promoting mechanical hoeing as an alternative to post germination herbicides. Mechanical harvesters are employed to facilitate farmers with low cost and highly efficient methods of harvesting as compared to harvesting through manual labor. Flat sowing coupled with sprinkler systems is one of our recent steps towards mechanization with highly efficient irrigation system.

Almoiz has three in-house farms with over 300 acres of land located in Tehsil Paharpur. The farm facilities are extensively used for testing of new production and mechanization technologies. The aim is to develop these as model farms to promote and propagate our ongoing initiatives in improving farm productivity through modern and innovative technologies.

Technology Partners Sugar Beet Story

KWS Germany, a renowned global supplier of sugar beet seeds, is our technical partner in sugar beet development. KWS provides seeds, extended production technologies, arrange trainings , explore new markets to make available every possible new implement and technology for the rapid growth of project. KWS extends cooperation to complete sugar beet crop management. Our joint efforts have helped developing sugar beet as a profitable crop to our farmers community in Pakistan. Together as partners, we are continuing our efforts to improve crop yield per acre, increase sugar recovery and adopting mechanization to reduce the cost of inputs.

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